1. I understand that membership in LRYO involves a commitment on my part to participate in all concerts. Failure to do so may result in suspension from the organization for the remainder of the orchestra year and possible ineligibility for the next concert year. Any conflicts with concert dates must be submitted in writing to the appropriate conductor 30 days prior to the concert date.

2. I further understand that I must attend all rehearsals. If I have more than three unexcused absences in one semester, I may be asked by the Music Director to reaudition to remain in the orchestra.

3. Any excused or unexcused absence should be reported to the administrator or parent manager prior to the absence. This includes absences that involve more than one LRYO student; each student is personally responsible for contacting the office to report an absence.

4. In case of sickness or emergency situations, please contact the office once you are able.

5. Musicians who arrive more than 30 minutes late or leave early may receive half of an absence.

6. The musician is responsible for the material covered during the missed rehearsal (including announcements), and should contact the stand partner prior to the next rehearsal. When a musician holds a principal part, arrangements should be made for the music to be delivered to the rehearsal.

Updated 2/8/2015